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how to cut dog hair at home

It is not beneficial to cut your dog’s hair, because they are the isolation for them. By brushing your dog, you help get rid of the fluffy undercoat and allow air to circulate around the dog’s skin .Here are ways that you can trim up your dog's unique coat at home in between visits to the grooming salon.

Smooth Short Coats- They are probably the least high maintenance when it comes to grooming, but that doesn't mean grooming isn't essential for them. Brush your smooth coated dog out with a brush. While daily brushing is by no means a requirement for smooth coats, regular brushing can keep this type of coat free of dirt and debris.

Double Coats- A double coat on a dog is characterized by a soft undercoat for insulating and a top coat that repels water.

  • Brush Tangles First and Use Proper Tools to Brush Each Coat 

Brush any tangles and mats out with a slicker brush, starting outward from the skin to brush out the undercoat. From there, use the slicker brush to brush with the lay of the top coat.

  • Cut Stubborn Snarls or Problematic Mats

If your double coated dog has longer fur, use either straight grooming shears or rounded safety tip scissors to cut out any stubborn. Start in the feathering on their legs and around their tail base area first. These areas tend to get the dirtiest the fasted.

  • Do a Sanitary Clip, if Necessary

With a pair of clippers, shave around your dog's rectal area, being careful not to actually clip your dog's skin



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