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How to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking on Walks



My tips on how to stop a dog from barking at people are below - 

1. Make a list of your dog’s exact triggers. Be specific- Try to pinpoint exactly when your dog reacts to people, Your dog might have 5 or 6 different triggers.

2. Find a highly valued food reward your dog loves-Dry dog biscuits might not cut it. You may need to use hot dogs, string cheese. For others, a squeaky toy or a ball might work better.

3. Use the right training collar & walk your dog at your side-The best training collar or harness will be different for each dog depending on all sorts of factors like your own comfort level, the size of your dog and what makes it easiest for you to control your unique dog.

4.Work with your dog on basic commands within her threshold-Seek out her “triggers” but stop just far enough away so she doesn’t bark or react. Shower her with the treats.

5. Make sure you do not rush your training-Very slowly increase the challenge over several weeks. Give your dog time to build the confidence he needs to be calm around strangers.

6.Use a dog backpack to stop your dog’s barking-It gives your dog a job to do and helps him build confidence. Backpacks come in varying sizes and are available for small dogs all the way up to extra large pups.


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