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Fall and Winter Warm Snowflake Soft Sweater
Fall and Winter Warm Snowflake Soft Sweater
Fall and Winter Warm Snowflake Soft Sweater
Fall and Winter Warm Snowflake Soft Sweater
Fall and Winter Warm Snowflake Soft Sweater

Fall and Winter Warm Snowflake Soft Sweater

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With an adorable pom pom on the back and a great-looking snowflake design, this soft and warm sweater is perfect for keeping your dog warm when it’s cool or cold outside. Made out of coral velvet and for many different sizes and breeds of dogs, the sweater is also made of high-quality materials that will keep it around for many years to come.

Warm Soft Dog Hooded sweater Jumpsuit

If you’re going to buy a dog sweater anyway, why not make it one that other people will notice? This cute sweater definitely falls into that category, and it is one you will never regret buying.

When the cold weather hits, make sure your best friend dog isn’t shivering and stays warm with this soft and comfortable cute hooded soft dog sweater

Fall and Winter Dog Hooded Jumpsuit sweater

Fall and Winter Dog Hooded Jumpsuit sweater

Of course, the main reason you buy a dog sweater is to keep him warm and comfortable when you’re outside, and this warm and comfy dog sweater does that and much more. It has sleeves for all four paws and even a little hood for extra cuteness.

Fall and Winter Dog Hooded Soft sweater

The material of this dog sweater is lightweight, but does a great job at keeping the dog nice and warm when the weather is less than perfect. In fact, when it comes to the perfect wintertime sweater, this sweater offers it all, and its comfort and warmth is something your dog will thank you for in the form of longer and more enjoyable walks.

During the cold weather means your dog’s winter clothes are exposed to salt, snow, and all that gross sidewalk slush. That’s why we made the dog soft sweater machine-washable to remove any dirt easily

Warm Dog sweater

You can’t cancel your plans to walk your dog just because it is cold outside, and you won’t have to do that once you buy one of these adorable, high-quality sweaters.

Great dog sweater outfit for holiday season, Christmas, Halloween, pet party, etc...

These dog sweaters are made out of the perfect materials, so your dog is guaranteed to be warm and toasty the entire time. For the winter and fall months, a sweater is usually needed, and this sweater guarantees that your pet will be comfortable, regardless of the length of your walk or playtime. The dog sweater is also made out of top-notch materials, so it is guaranteed to last for a very long time.

Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

Warm Soft Dog Hooded sweater

The sweaters are suitable for small dogs and not suitable for large dogs.

Size Back Length Chest Neck
S 7.87 inch (20cm) 12.60 inch (32cm)
11.02 inch (28cm)
M 9.45 inch (24cm) 14.57 inch (37cm)
12.20 inch (31cm)
L 11.02 inch (28cm) 17.32 inch (44cm)
13.39 inch (34cm)
XL 12.60 inch (32cm) 19.29 inch (49cm)
14.17 inch (36cm)
2XL 14.96 inch (38cm) 21.65 inch (55cm)
15.57 inch (39cm)